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Cash as a Service

Capital Now helps businesses grow by turning their invoices into immediate cash.

Show me the money!

Our Unfair Advantage

We employ levels of empathy that would make a motivational poster blush.

Our clients have our full attention and we would do anything to help them succeed. Even if that means helping them get cheaper financing elsewhere.

We do our best to let our Investors to know that we are being careful with their money and available to talk to them directly.

And when it comes to our team members, we challenge everyone and help them improve their situations. Whether that be in continuing education, checking items off their bucket list or something related to health.

In every area of our business we out-care our competitors and as Seth Godin says,

We have an unfair advantage: We care more.

Growth Capital for Your Business

Easy Approval: NOT based on credit. No personal guarantees required!

Less Paperwork: Accounting and banking integrations directly access invoices and financials instead of filling out tons of paperwork.

Better Cash flow: Cash in your account at the speed of Lightning!

How does it work?

1. Apply now

Integrate your accounting platform or upload your invoices manually.

2. Receive a response in hours

Fast, efficient, no hidden fees!

3. Get funded

Get approved, sign off, get cash.