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Cash flow solutions for
buyers and suppliers

We out care our competitors

We are not a bank and we don't operate like a typical financing business. We are understanding and personable because we are owners too.

Are you being held back by your cash flow?

We convert your unpaid invoices into cash, making payment terms irrelevant.

Simply put, Capital Now enables you to do just that...more.

What would you do if you had access to your cash trapped in your unpaid invoices?
  • - Pay yourself
  • - Keep your promises
  • - Take bigger jobs
  • - Payroll
  • - Bills

Canadians supporting Canadians

Capital Now has a keen understanding of the nuanced nature of doing business in Western Canada. We have the aptitude to provide expert guidance and help you navigate the terrain. We are direct lenders funded by Western Canadian private investors.

If we have worked with your customer before - you’re approved!

Check out our list of customers to find out if you are eligible for instant approval. Apply online in minutes. Approved in hours not days.

Our decision is based on YOU, not your credit

Are you worried about your credit score? Don’t be. We know what you are capable of and we don't let it stand in the way of reaching your goals.