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Frequently Asked Questions

Every client is unique. You will be approved in hours, not days.

We fund immediately after your customer confirms they have everything they need to pay your invoice.

Your credit is irrelevant. Our funding decisions are based on your customer and their track record.

Capital Now and the services it offers are already familiar to all sophisticated customers.

No, we are like a pay-as-you-go service with no contracts or personal guarantees.

We look at purchasing any invoice you like.

We purchase business to business invoices that are undisputed and unencumbered.

Once an invoice is submitted for factoring, you'll typically receive funding within a few hours depending on how long your customer takes to respond.

Factoring fees vary by industry and volume. We have several ways to help you keep fees to a minimum.

Advances are completed by an electronic transfer to your account on file, either by wire (same-day) or ACH (next-day).

There are no fixed credit limits. Your facility grows with your business. If you have invoices, funds are available.

We eliminate credit risk. Invoice financing is an off balance sheet financing and is not considered debt. There are no repayment terms or payments.

Yes! Invoice finance companies base their funding decisions on your customer’s credit rating and payment history.

Accounts receivable financing, is an alternative funding option for small business owners. By selling your accounts receivable, you have fast access to working capital that you can use to build your business.

Accounts receivable financing is not a loan - rather, it is a way for you to turn your existing accounts receivable into cash. There are no interest payments and no new debt on your balance sheet.

The invoice financing process is very straightforward

  1. Submit your invoices and support documents
  2. The invoice financing company confirms that your customer has what they need to pay
  3. Funds are sent to your account, less a small fee
  4. The same day payment is received, the holdback is deposited into your account, minus a small fee

Businesses of all types use invoice factoring for their B2B sales. Invoice financing is popular in transportation, manufacturing, IT, and a whole range of oil field services.

You can be brand new. If you have B2B invoices, we can help!

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