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01 It's simple, send us your unpaid invoices and we will purchase them. You will have the cash in your account within hours!

Supply Chain

02 By paying your suppliers with our funds, you and your suppliers both gain control over cash flow.
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What makesus different

Capital Now is focused on the needs of business owners and the unique payment practices in Western Canada.

With our innovative and transparent platform, both parties have control over their cash flow. We collaborate with you to craft a program that will meet everyone's liquidity objectives.

Who are we?

We are business owners too! Capital Now was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2008, funded by Western Canadian private investors and is operated by the owners.
Capital Now is an Alberta owned and operated company specializing in the Accounts Receivable segment of Supply Chain Finance.
What We Do

We purchase invoices, so business owners do not have to wait to get paid!

Capital Now's Supply Chain Finance is a type of supplier financing that benefits both buyer and supplier. By letting Capital Now pay your suppliers early, you give them control over their cash flow.

What are the benefits of using our service?

The benefits to getting paid immediately are obvious and unique to you and your business. You already know what you need to do with your money. Let us get you reunited with your cash!

Even though your supplier gets paid early, you pay Capital Now on your own payment terms, preserving your cash.

Meet our team

Is your customer on this list? If so,


Why ?

We are experts in what we do, in fact, both owners and co-founders are certified as “Factoring Account Executive” by the prestigious “International Factoring Association”. Only three individuals in Canada hold this designation and we are proud to be the only company of our kind, in Canada, to be operated by an industry-certified management team. We have been awarded the best factoring team in North America.
We promise to do everything we can to keep customers in business and support you in any way possible, even if that means referring you to someone else. We play on the same team as our customers and are non-judgmental and trusted confidants.
Capital Now is a strategic business tool to help you manage risk and seize new opportunities. Our customers choose us over any other competitor or bank because we are the fastest, friendliest, and easiest means to get operating capital. We are not just buying your invoices, we are buying you the freedom and advantage to do more.


Do you know anyone needing cash for their outstanding invoices? Earn up to $10,000.00 per month.
Contact us at 403.627.2075 Ext. 102 or at [email protected].

Our Process



Complete a short online application and you'll receive a call from our cash flow experts. We will work with you directly with the goal of understanding your precise needs and help you get funded for your outstanding invoices as quickly as possible.



We will guide you through our process to ensure you receive cash as soon as possible. Capital Now works with hundreds of Canadian-based businesses. Chances are we've already worked with your customer!



We wire funds directly into your bank account. If the invoice is processed by 2pm MST, you'll have the funds the same day; otherwise, the next business day.
*Bank cutoff times vary by institution.